Spectrum Fluid Technologies, a division of Spectrum Analytical Pty Ltd, was established with the sole purpose of supplying high purity diesel exhaust fluid and ancillary equipment for the Australian market.


In July 2010 Spectrum Analytical began manufacturing high purity diesel exhaust fluid for a select number of clients who were looking for a reliable and guaranteed local source of this important fluid at a competitive price.


As demand for our services rapidly grew, a decision was made to give the manufacturing and supply of the diesel exhaust fluid status as a separate entity and Spectrum Fluid Technologies was born.


Strategically situated on the Hume Highway our Eco-DEF™ diesel exhaust fluid manufacturing plant has been meticulously set up to produce diesel exhaust fluid to a purity that meets all of the parameters of the ISO 22241 specifications for this product, exceeding the required purity in many areas.


Spectrum Fluid Technologies has complete control over the entire supply chain, from raw materials through manufacturing, bottling and supply. This is a critical control point, as it is possible to have a high quality product manufactured, only to have it tainted as it moves through the supply chain.


Spectrum owns and operates its own food grade bulk delivery tanker, making it possible to guarantee the fluid that gets delivered to your property absolutely meets the full ISO 22241 specification.