Quality Assurance


Spectrum Fluid Technologies operates a Quality Management System which conforms with the requirements of ISO9001:2008 for the following scope:


                                                                                        Manufacture and distribution of ECO-DEF


Eco-DEF™ diesel exhaust fluid, which is manufactured and distributed by Spectrum Fluid Technologies, is not only an ISO 9001 Certified product, but is made in accordance to the specification outlined in the ISO Standard 22241 governed the the VDA.


The quality control process starts with equipment checks to ensure all equipment, such as scales and flow meters are calibrated correctly ensuring exact measurement of our raw materials.


Quality assurance testing is then carried out on the raw materials.


• Urea – Full laboratory testing to ensure the purity of our Urea. Only the highest purity urea can be used when manufacturing diesel exhaust fluid; inferior grade urea such as agricultural grade cannot be used.

• Water – Final purity testing of our water which has been filtered through a multi-stage de-mineralisation system.


Once these checks are performed the manufacturing process can begin.


The quality of each batch is initially tested in our on-site laboratory with our own ISO22241 DEF specific refractometer to ensure the urea content specifications are met.


A sample is taken from every batch manufactured and is then sent to a food and pharmaceutical grade analytical testing laboratory specifically selected by Spectrum Fluid Technologies.


Each batch is tested by the laboratory for compliance and given a Certificate of Analysis. Once this certificate is obtained, the batch can then be released for distribution, which assures customers that the quality of the product delivered strictly adheres to the relevant ISO22241 standards.


Spectrum Fluid Technologies made a conscious decision to have it’s Eco-DEF™ diesel exhaust fluid tested by a fully certified food and pharmaceutical grade analytical testing laboratory such as that used by at least one supplier of major heavy vehicles, to ensure that Eco-DEF™ diesel exhaust fluid could be used in lieu of any other ISO22241 standard diesel exhaust fluid, such as AdBlue®, without jeopardising the heavy vehicle supplier’s warranty. Spectrum Fluid Technologies’ number one concern is to ensure that not only does Eco-DEF™ meet the ISO specs, but also meets the strict guidelines laid down by heavy vehicle suppliers, such as Volvo.