1,000 Litre IBC


Length: 1200 mm

Width: 1000 mm

Height: 1160 mm

Weight: 1200 kg


IBC Overview

Plastic Intermediate Bulk Containers are moulded from a premium grade of Urea resistant, Medium Density Polyethylene.

  • 1,000 Litre IBCs offer flexible solution for any business with a fleet of vehicles
  • IBCs are standard pallet size which makes it easy to manage large volumes of Eco-DEF
  • IBCs are a cost effective way to purchase Eco-DEF, generally cheaper to buy than 200 Litre drums
  • IBCs are returnable which reduces the cost of your Eco-DEF


Spectrum Fluid Technologies


What is Eco-DEF?

Spectrum Fluid Technologies manufactures and distributes Eco-DEF, which is also known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).


Eco-DEF is used in a process called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to reduce exhaust emission levels of nitrous oxide (NOx) in diesel engines.


The Eco-DEF, which is also known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) which is manufactured by our Australian owned company meets or exceeds ISO 22241 international standard.


The standard outlined in ISO 22241 requires Eco-DEF to contain 32.5% solution of high-purity urea in demineralised water which is AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%).


Who can use Eco-DEF?

Eco-DEF can be used by any truck or bus company that runs SCR engines to comply with Euro 4, 5 and 6 standards.


Whether you have a fleet of 1 or 100, we can offer a range of solutions including delivery of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) or bulk Eco-DEF to be stored in Bulk Dispensing Tanks.